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3 Reasons to Drink Nine Iron Wines from Warrior Wine
October 28, 2020 at 6:00 AM
Drink Nine Iron Wines and support veterans

Drinking excellent wine is one thing, but purchasing wine that’s made by veterans, with grapes sourced from veteran-owned vineyards, is another. Warrior Wine is proud to offer only the finest veteran-made and -owned wines from around the country, helping our military brothers and sisters reach new customers across the country.

Nine Iron Wines is one of the country’s leading veteran-owned wine brands, producing delicious and industry-respected wines from the rich soils of California’s Central Valley. With a climate similar to that of the Mediterranean, Nine Iron Wines offers three distinct blends that are hard to rival. Here are just a few reasons you should drink Nine Iron Wine.

Reason #1: They’re committed to helping veterans

Nine Iron Wine is veteran-owned and -operated. Owners Brandon and Blake understand the sacrifice their brothers and sisters in the military have made, and each purchase of a bottle of Nine Iron Wine helps a veteran with PTSD.

Whether you purchase a bottle of their 2018 Birdie Series Sav Blanc or a bottle of their 2018 Eagle Series Napa Chardonnay, you’re not only buying a bottle of world-class wine, but you’re also doing your part to support those who risked their lives to protect American values.

Reason #2: They know the value of sacrifice

Winemaking is no easy task. It requires dedication to the soil, the grapes, and running a tight ship to ensure those grapes become some of the best wine available. But this dedication pales in comparison to the dedication our troops have to defend the United States’ freedom.

Each bottle of Nine Iron Wine is a reflection of that dedication and commitment to doing the right thing, whether it’s protecting America from threats, or creating an amazing product to celebrate and honor those who protect us. Buying a bottle of Nine Iron Wine helps veterans give other veterans the resources they need to fight PTSD and live the lives they deserve.

Reason #3: It’s world-class wine

Besides contributing to veterans’ initiatives, Nine Iron Wines makes wine that’s hard to beat. Its 2019 Par Series Chardonnay captures a delicate balance of warm, sunny days and cool nights with wisps of wind from the San Francisco Bay and Delta waterways.

Made from mature grapes, this Chardonnay delivers equal parts character and structure, giving wine lovers a taste both familiar and foreign. Wine lovers are sure to enjoy this blend when paired with rich and savory seafood favorites, like seared sesame ahi tuna, shrimp ceviche, or a fruity salad.

But for those who prefer a richer experience, Nine Iron Wine’s 2019 Par Series Cabernet Sauvignon delivers that experience. Grown from the deep, rich soil in the Lodi Appellation, this red blend is sure to please those who want an earthier, richer flavor. It’s excellent on its own, but it’s even more enjoyable when paired with fried chicken, carne asada street tacos, or your favorite BBQ pulled pork sandwich.

Support veterans by drinking delicious wine from Nine Iron Wines from Warrior Wine

Excellent wine is one of life’s richest gifts—but it’s nothing compared to the freedom our veterans have risked their lives to preserve. Warrior Wine honors the sacrifice our veterans have made by donating 20% of our profits to nationally recognized veteran support charities.

Experience some of the best wine grown in the United States by supporting a veteran-owned business, and enjoy Nine Iron Wine with Warrior Wine.

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