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Great Wine for Greater Cause
August 31, 2020 at 4:00 AM
Great Wine for Greater Cause

Have you ever found yourself simply enjoying a good bottle of wine with – or after – dinner? Did you know that you can keep doing this, and just by simply buying a different kind of wine, you can dramatically change the lives of those who fought for the country?

Yes, it’s true. Warrior Wine selection of wines, have an incredible connection to the veterans of the world and donates large chunks of their profits to these respected individuals. These are great wines, for an even greater cause. They are helping change the lives of those who put their own lives on the line.

So, what exactly is Warrior Wine doing?

Warrior Wine’s great cause is helping veterans in three distinct ways.  Firstly, Warrior Wine is focused on solely stocking wines that are produced by vineyards that are owned by veterans. This assists their business and brings awareness to these veterans’ vineyards.  Additionally, all those who are veterans and military serviceman, receive a 10% discount on all the great wines – aiding not only the veteran producers but also consumers. And most importantly, Warrior Wine donates 20% of all the profits to important charities that are also highly focused on veteran members.

In every single aspect of Warrior Wine’s model, there is some sort of contribution and support for these significant individuals, and it is such an important cause to get involved with!

The Incredible Wine

The range of great wines that Warrior Wine currently stock, includes both delectable red and white wine – which is sure to entice any palate.

The wines include a robust Central Coast Sauvignon, with intense red fruit aromas, like blueberry and blackberry, as well as subtle oregano notes.

There is also rich Chardonnay available from Monterey, which has vibrant fruit notes, like lime, pear and apple. Interestingly, along with the subtle vanilla notes, the wine is also slightly floral.

Not only is it a great cause to get involved in, but it is a fantastic selection of wines to experience.

As if the cause and the wine weren’t enough, these wines also have beautifully designed labels! To keep in line with the veteran stories, the labels were specifically designed to stand above the rest, while giving all the important information on this initiative.

So, by buying from Warrior Wine, you not only have the pleasure of enjoying great wine, but you’re also able to help those, who put their lives on the line for the country.

The rewarding Wine Club

Apart from the access to these wines, Warrior Wine also offers an exclusive wine club to be apart of, that includes a special mixed case of wine that is delivered 4 times a year. With such great wines, incredible variety and exclusive discounts, signing up for the Wine Club should be a priority! It is an affordable option with fantastic offers; and what better reason than knowing it’s for a great cause?  Especially considering that a large portion of the wine club’s profits is all extended to these veteran charities.     

The Charities

Having these range of wines play a vital role in supporting partnered charities. These causes which have partnered with Warrior Wine, are all dedicated to providing the very best support to veterans and their families.

One of these partners is the PTSDUSA. This group is devoted to helping those affected by combat and to heal from the trauma. Their aim is to use support programs instead of treatment, to help the veterans deal with these stress-related conditions. And as if that wasn’t enough, this organization assists the veterans’ loved ones in understanding PTSD and the healing process.

The Warrior Wine’s selection of wines is also supporting Warrior Companion, which is an organization which provides pet insurance for the pets of disabled veterans. The founder of Wine Warrior discovered that often times, veterans are forced to sell their personal belongings in order to pay for veterinarian visits. Service dogs are the right hand of these disabled veterans, and are highly dependent on for everyday tasks – which was sparked the idea for this initiative!

The fact of the matter is that Warrior Wine, and all the causes connected to it, all revolves around one key factor – exquisite wine. And although their profits go to some of these charities, they share a love for good wine, as much as they share a love for changing lives. That golden thread, of their wine love, is what ties them so close to their clients, and has allowed the success of this organization to multiply so beautifully.

Getting involved with the organisation can be done by either donating any amount of money; by donating time and spending precious time with these veterans, or can be done by a simple wine purchase. Whichever it is you choose, the support of these great causes with good wine is genuinely appreciated.

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