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How Veterans Are Supporting Veterans Through Wine
May 29, 2020 at 4:00 AM
The American flag is a powerful symbol of veterans supporting veterans and appreciating all they do to defend freedom.

At Warrior Wine in Austin, TX, we believe in veterans supporting veterans—even through everyday purchases like wine. As a veteran-owned company ourselves, we strive to support others who also put their lives on the line to defend America’s freedom, whether they’re fellow veterans or first responders. It’s why we host a Memorial Wall on our website, why we proudly discuss our own time in the armed forces, and why we fund associated charities with every purchase from Warrior Wine. We also host donation links to those charities directly on our website.

Upon returning home, it’s often very difficult for combat veterans to resume normalcy and begin achieving their goals stateside. That’s why Warrior Wine donates 20% of its profits to charities that assist in this challenging process. Here’s why we chose these three particular charities as partners for our business.

PTSD Foundation of America’s Camp Hope

After what they’ve experienced abroad in the line of duty, many veterans will battle mental health issues upon returning home. One of the most common diagnoses is post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, which causes symptoms like anxiety, reliving a traumatic event, and other distressing feelings.

None of our brothers and sisters from the armed forces should have to go through the recovery process alone. That’s why Warrior Wine is proud to fund the PTSD Foundation of America’s Camp Hope.

Camp Hope is a professional rehabilitation program for returning veterans, but more than that—it’s a free program. In order to keep Camp Hope free of charge, they rely on good-faith donations from everyday Americans like you.

Every purchase you make from Warrior Wine donates 20% of our profits directly to Camp Hope and/or our other charity partners.

Warrior Companion

As they begin the difficult process of healing, veterans are likely to feel alone, but that doesn’t mean they have to be. Often called “man’s best friend,” dogs are excellent companions for returning veterans who are still adjusting to a normal routine and environment after the trials of service. Service dogs can even be trained regarding specific diagnoses, such as PTSD, and in how to support their person in hard moments.

Warrior Companion is a charity that specifically provides pet insurance for service animals. Veterans shouldn’t have to worry about their pet’s safety in addition to their own healing. Thankfully, Warrior Companion takes the stress out of service animal ownership, allowing veterans to more easily re-integrate with everyday life.

Soldier Home Realty

Returning home from active duty is challenging in the best of circumstances. What if a returning veteran also wants to move to a new location?

Owned and operated by fellow veterans, Soldier Home Realty is a real estate company (associated Lake Travis Realty) that donates up to 30% of their commissions to Camp Hope and Warrior Companion. Whether you’re moving to Austin, TX or somewhere else entirely, Soldier Home Realty would be happy to assist you with whatever you need throughout the moving process. They’re the best realtors in the business, and they use their profits to support their fellow veterans.

Purchase Warrior Wine Today

If you’d like to experience exceptional wine—while supporting veterans at the same time—consider making a purchase today. We’ll also be happy to answer any questions you have through our Contact page. Thank you for supporting America’s veterans.

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