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Introduction to Warrior Wine
May 13, 2020 at 12:00 AM
by Warrior Wine
<strong>Introduction to Warrior Wine</strong>

Supporting Veterans, One Bottle of Wine at a Time

One of the most basic pillars of military life is that no man or woman is left behind. At Warrior Wine, we will never give up on our fellow veterans and first responders.

Warrior Wine co-founders Brandon and Jack are combat veterans who are finding a unique way to carry on the mission. Following their service in two different wars, the duo wanted to support the thousands of American families making the ultimate sacrifice to defend and protect the freedoms Americans enjoy. The result: They have combined their love of wine with philanthropic efforts to benefit their brothers and sisters in the armed forces.

How It Works

Warrior Wine exclusively stocks wine products that are produced at veteran-owned vineyards. It is just one more way we support our brothers and sisters in the armed forces. We offer a wide selection of quality wines at affordable prices.

All military members, veterans and first responders receive a 10 percent discount on our products. Shipping is available and orders arrive within seven to 10 business days.

At Warrior Wine, we do more than offer a discount on our products to our fellow servicemen and women. We proudly donate 20 percent of our profits on all sales to charities serving veterans and active military members.

The Charities We Serve

It is important for us to give back to our community and to provide our brothers and sisters in arms with support. As mentioned, 20 percent of our sales goes to select charities focused on providing services to veterans and active military members.

1. PTSD Foundation of America – Camp Hope

The PTSD Foundation of America’s Camp Hope focuses on rehabilitating veterans and first responders who are dealing with PTSD-related issues following active service. Camp Hope consists of fellowships for combat veterans, first responders and their families. It is not a treatment program, but rather a peer coaching and support platform that promotes healing, balance and positive reintegration into society.

2. Warrior Companion

The number of veterans and first responders who rely on the ongoing support of a service dog is rapidly increasing. Service dogs are specially trained to complete daily living tasks or assist those with chronic conditions who cannot live independently. 

Warrior Companion is a nonprofit organization that provides healthcare services to keep veterans' service animals in optimal health. Caring for a service animal can be expensive. Disabled veterans who are not approved for 100-percent disability through the Veterans Administration do not qualify for assistance from the VA in obtaining or caring for a service animal. Many veterans sell personal belongings to care for their service animals. Thus, it is the goal of Warrior Companion to ensure service animals receive the necessary care to live long and healthy lives.

3. Soldier Home

Associated with Lake Travis ReMax, veteran-owned and -operated Soldier Home Realty donates up to 30 percent of its commission to Camp Hope and Warrior Companion. While Soldier Home is located in the Austin region, its real estate agents can assist veterans and active military members with finding the right realtor for any area.

Our Products

Wine connoisseurs will be pleased with the variety of selections from Warrior Wine. Check out our products here.

Want to receive our wine without the added hassle of logging into the site to order? Consider joining our wine club. Each wine club order contains a six-bottle variety pack. The first shipment will consist of our Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon and our Central Coast Chardonnay.

Wine club members get free shipping on wine club orders as well. New shipments arrive every 90 days for a total of four shipments annually. The annual cost is $480. A $40 discount is offered on club memberships paid in full upfront.

Contact us today to learn more.

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