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Warrior Wine: one of the best veteran charities in the USA
January 19, 2021 at 11:00 PM
We're honored to be one of the premier veteran charities in the USA and serve our veterans like they've served us.

Veteran charities in the USA serve an invaluable function: they serve those who’ve served us valiantly. But, more importantly, they ensure veterans aren’t neglected or forgotten when they return. Because, ultimately, we have a duty to those who demonstrated a duty to our nation.

Historically, veterans have often been left stranded in the wake of their experiences without much assistance to help them cope and persevere. And, as many of you know, everyone needs reinforcements on that front sometimes. And, if nothing else, we have a duty to that.

At Warrior Wine, we’re a veteran-owned company who understands the struggles veterans face when they return and try to reenter normalcy. So we’re committed to selling premier wine made at veteran-owned vineyards nationwide, donating 20% of our net profits to worthy charities like Warrior Companion.

Here’s how Warrior Wine charity helps veterans.

Our proceeds help veteran service animals with Warrior Companion

Warrior Companion is one of the premier veteran charities in the USA, and we’re proud to partner with them. One of their noblest endeavors is their commitment to veterans and their service animals. Because service animals are intrinsically linked to the well-being and health of the veterans they serve.

Service animals ease the overwhelming and debilitating pain caused by injuries incurred in the line of duty. And, just as importantly, studies have shown they “significantly reduce symptoms of post-traumatic [stress]...and depression in veterans.” This is essential to reintegration, healing, and rehabilitation.

Furthermore, our proceeds help veterans pay for pet insurance for service animals. This is essential because you can never know what’s going to happen or when you’re going to need emergency, critical attention. So, for veterans who may already be struggling, having pet insurance is one less thing to stress about. Securing their pet is securing their overall health, happiness, mental well-being, and ability to cope.

By taking care of service animals, we’re taking care of those they serve.

Warrior Wine’s partnership with Warrior Companion offers assistance with medical prescriptions

Another amazing aspect of our partnership with Warrior Companion is our proceeds contribute directly to discount cards for medical prescriptions. And, best of all, the discounts are applicable to veterans and their service animals. This truly sets us apart from other veteran charities in the USA.

Medicine can be difficult to afford. And, in many instances, it’s absolutely essential to the health and livelihood of either the veteran or their beloved service animal. Reasons they might need these cards include:

  • Medication is not covered by their plan
  • Patient has exceeded prescription coverage cap
  • Discount cost lower than copayment
  • Health plan does not cover prescription drugs

It’s evident many of these issues are simply technicalities obstructing the health and happiness of those who put it all on the line so we can sleep soundly at night. And that is, to us, simply unacceptable and unamerican.

Shop now and donate to the premier veteran charities in the USA

We’re committed to our veterans because they were committed to us. They were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country and people, and we believe no sacrifice on our part is too big to help them reintegrate and rehabilitate. We’re honored to be in the trenches with them upon their return.

Just like the veterans we strive to serve, we believe we have a duty. And that duty is to help them achieve their goals when they come home. But, more importantly, it’s to ensure they have a home to return to that is as dedicated to them as they were to it. So, please, shop now and donate to a worthy cause. This is your chance to make a difference.

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