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Why Veteran Charities are Important to the Community
November 27, 2020 at 10:30 PM
Veteran charities depend on dontations from the community.

Returning to civilian life after serving in the military can be an isolating and lonely experience for veterans. They’re suddenly without the close friends of their unit, in communities where they may not be 100% comfortable as civilians. Separated from their nation is the last thing that our most respected citizens should feel after leaving the service.

Veteran charities provide resources for service members when they re-enter civilian society. These resources can take a wide variety of forms and address the diverse needs of cross-generational veterans. Communities can’t depend on a single organization to assist all veterans, which is why it may seem like there are a lot of nonprofits in your area.

How many veteran charities are there?

There are over 45,000 charity groups focused on veterans and their families. Just 18% of those are non-profits. There are over 2,000 groups in Texas alone. That’s a lot of nonprofits to sort through and find those that do the greatest good for the most veterans. When deciding where to donate your money or time, it’s crucial to find a veteran group active in the community that has veterans on staff directing the distribution of charitable donations.

Veterans know better than anyone what support they need after leaving the service. Nonprofit groups who don’t directly employ veterans lack the experience and expertise to address the critical needs of the community’s service members. If finding worthy causes is stopping you from donating, patronizing businesses that give back to their communities is an easy way to do good while buying products you need.

While most of the veteran charities out there do wonderful work, some nefarious groups take advantage of peoples’ generosity. Veteran-owned Warrior Wine knows what to look for when donating to nonprofits. As a company, we donate to the charities we know to do the most good in our Austin community for ex-service members.

What services do veterans charities provide?

As a civilian, you might have trouble determining which non-profits provide the services that veterans need. Some of the largest and most commonly known groups address emergent concerns like homelessness and disability. But there are thousands more that offer resources to prevent veterans from ever ending up without a home or lacking medical care. Some other benefits charities provide:

  • Help covering education costs for veterans entering or returning to school.
  • Support for service animals, including pet insurance.
  • Job placement assistance for veterans to find sustainable employment.
  • Community building where veterans can connect with other service members.
  • Support for family members of veterans.

Support for veterans doesn’t look like just one thing. Every service member is different, and everyone’s return to civilian life feels different. Having such a diverse assortment of non-profits lets veterans customize the help they receive.

For those who care about veterans’ issues, it’s overwhelming picking a place to donate. Besides finding ethical groups who are doing real good in their communities, it’s hard to know what veterans’ services your city needs. In Austin, Texas, Warrior Wine transforms your purchasing power into community aid for veterans.

Shop Warrior Wine, and we’ll donate 20% of our profits to veteran charities.

When you shop with Warrior Wine, we donate part of our profits to charitable organizations in Austin. Our philanthropic partners include Warrior Companion, which provides pet insurance for service animals. It’s an overlooked issue, but many veterans worry about not having money when their best friend gets sick. We also donate to Camp Hope from the PTSD Foundation of America, which works with veterans in rehab free of charge.

We’ve seen the good these organizations do in the Austin community, and we’re proud to donate 20% of our profits to continue their charitable works. Shop our store and enjoy high-quality wines while giving to charity.

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