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Why Veterans Need Pet Insurance for Service Animals and How to Support Them
October 27, 2020 at 6:00 AM
Find out how you can support pet insurance for service animals

Service animals are essential for veterans who need assistance with daily activities that many of us take for granted. Many of America’s military veterans rely on service animals not only for their assistance but their companionship and loyalty through some of life’s most challenging moments off the battlefield.

Warrior Wine is proud to support pet insurance for service animals and veteran-focused organizations, helping veterans get the insurance they need to help their companions when the time comes. Pet insurance is a lifeline for many service members who, without pet insurance, may not be able to afford essential care and services their companion needs.

We believe that all veterans deserve pet insurance options, and we’re doing our part to ensure that veterans have the support they—and their pets—need. Here’s how.

Why pet insurance for service animals?

Let’s face it: the cost of insurance in the United States, whether for humans or their companions, can be incredibly expensive. This is especially true if veterans’ service animals need costly and urgent surgery or another essential procedure to keep them healthy or alive. But it’s not just emergencies that cost veterans’ hard-earned income; many medications for pets can quickly compound and eat into income and savings.

Pet insurance for service animals means that veterans don’t have to excessively worry about whether or not they will be able to afford essential supplies, checkups, surgeries, and life-saving procedures that their companions require.

Partnering with fellow patriots

While pet insurance is important, it isn’t always easy for some veterans. But Warrior Wine is taking a stand to make pet insurance more affordable and accessible to those who need it the most.

We’re proud to partner and support The Warrior Companion Foundation, based in Austin, TX. This life-changing organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that helps wounded American veterans get the pet insurance they and their service animal deserve.

Warrior Companion can provide pet insurance through both institutional and individual partnerships, and aims to reduce veterans’ worries about whether or not their companion animal has access to the care they need when faced with essential medical care.

We believe this service is incredibly important, as wounded veterans often face many other difficulties—and pet insurance for their service animals should not add to the stress, whether financially or emotionally.

How you can help support veterans and their service animals

Our veterans need and appreciate civilians’ support, no matter how we can help. Warrior Wine is committed to partnering with Warrior Companion by donating a percentage of our profits to them and other veteran-focused organizations.

When you buy a bottle of wine from us, you can rest assured that 20% of the money you paid for that bottle will go directly to Warrior Companion or another organization that helps support veterans. This isn’t just a one-time donation; Warrior Wine donates 20% of all profits to these initiatives.

So, when you buy a bottle of Warrior Wine, know that you’re not only getting a bottle of exceptional wine, but you’re helping wounded veterans get the support they—and their service animals—need.

Support veterans and their companion animals with Warrior Wine

Whether you’re looking for a white blend, a rich red, or a fruity rose, Warrior Wine has what you’re looking for, as well as a few surprises we’re sure you’ll love. But the best part about your purchase is that a portion of your hard-earned money will go to ensuring more veterans can afford health coverage for their companion animal. Cheers to you!

Want to learn more about how we’re supporting veterans? Let’s talk.

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