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The Warrior Wine Club: A Wine Subscription You Can Trust
August 27, 2020 at 11:00 PM
Warrior Wine Club delivers 6 bottles of delicious wine from veteran-owned vineyards each quarter

If you enjoy purchasing a bottle of wine every so often, chances are you have seen advertisements for wine clubs. But what are they and are they worth the hype? In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the common benefits to joining a wine club, and how the Warrior Wine Club differs by providing great wine with an even greater cause.

5 Benefits of Joining a Wine Club

1. Wine Buying Made Easy

Have you ever stood in front of the wine section at your local wine shop or grocery store and felt overwhelmed by the seemingly limitless options? Not knowing where to begin, perhaps you pick up a bottle with an interesting label or one from a location you recognize like Napa Valley. But purchasing wine this way often leads to disappointment, as not all wines are created equal.

Wine clubs take away this pain of indecision and uncertainty, by ensuring you are always stocked with a wine you know and trust. Once a month a delivery arrives at your door full of the latest, fully-vetted wines—so you can start sipping that delicious vino right away.

2. Discounts and Perks

Most wine clubs value customer loyalty, so the benefits of joining usually come with discounts and perks. The bottles included in a wine club shipment are generally discounted from their standard purchase price, plus there is usually a discount on non-wine club purchases as well. Drinking wine and saving money, sounds like a win win!

Warrior Wine is proud to offer wine club members 15% off all items purchased in our shop. Our annual wine club provides members with major cost savings, so it’s well-worth the investment.

3. Discover Quality Wines

Most wine clubs like to offer their expertise in picking out great wines for their customers. A major advantage of joining a subscription wine service is that you may discover your new favorite vintage. Many people discover their favorite wines by trying out what arrives in a wine club shipment!

Let our wine experts help you impress your guests with the best-tasting wines that support an even greater cause.

4. Always Be Well-Stocked

When you are a member of a wine club, you can rest assured that your wine cellar will not go empty. With monthly shipments of the latest wines delivered straight to your door, buying wine has never been easier.

The Warrior Wine Club ships 6 bottles of wine quarterly (4 times a year). Our shipments include 3 bottles of Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon and 3 bottles of Central Coast Chardonnay.

5. Great Wine for a Greater Cause

Buying from a wine club ensures you know where your wine is coming from and helps smaller producers who may not have a presence in big supermarkets and wine shops.

At Warrior Wine, we partner with veteran-owned vineyards so the wine you buy is truly supporting a patriotic cause. On top of our mission to highlight veteran winemakers, we also donate 20% of our profits to charities focused on rehabilitating veterans and first responders. Some of the organizations we support include PTSD Foundation of America, Warrior Companion, and Soldier Home.

Join the Club

Ready to contribute to veteran-owned businesses and make sure you never run out of wine? Join The Warrior Wine Club today or browse our products to see what’s on offer.

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